Generate model from additional data store


I’m having trouble setting up additional data stores on CUBA studio version 7. I connected to the additional data stores just fine in version 6.10 but when I follow the same steps in version 7 it does not work. I’ve created a new project to try and connect to the data stores as well and I got the same result.

Here is what the window looks like right before finish Generate Model:

And here is the result:

Notice that the L1DataFloatTableBrowse doesn’t show up even though I asked for the browser screen to be generated. Now if I try and run the server I get a compiler error saying “error: cannot find symbol
public class L1DataFloatTable extends BaseGenericIdEntity”. This didn’t happen in 6.10 but I go and import comp key which solves the compiler error. But now there’s another weird thing, update scripts and init tables are being generated for the additional data store:


If I don’t update the database and run the application server I still cant see any of the data from the database. I’m just a bit confused because if I follow these same steps on 6.10 it works just fine. Am I missing something?

Also note that I have tested the connection with the additional data store and it works.

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updating to Studio v.8.1 fixed this issue, however, I only got it to work on a test project and not on the one I’m working on currently.

Hi @chriskrozel!

Sorry for the long answer. We know about these issues.

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