Generate Model cause database to drop tables

We are testing out if we can migrate our example Oracle based application to Cuba studio.
I connected to the Oracle database successfully and I tried to use the Generate Model option
in Entities to reverse engineer the model. We have hundreds of tables and so I filtered out
a subset (tables beginning with FA_). From this list I tried to pick a few tables and it was
taking a long time to return. So I killed the process and tried again with just 1 table.
The one table selection generates an entity model.

But when I started up the Application Server, it started to update my Oracle database and
dropped ALL my FA_xxxx tables except for the one table I selected for my model.

How do I use the Generate Model option ? Can I just pick a few tables to generate at
a time ? How do I stop Cuba from DROPPING my other tables which I am not working on yet ?

Studio can generate scripts for dropping tables if they have a prefix equal to the project’s namespace and these tables are not mapped to entities. This is because Studio distinguishes “own” tables from “imported” tables by prefix. The tables created from model entities always have prefix <NS_>, and Studio modifies these tables according to changes in data model, up to deleting them if there are no corresponding entities.

Try to select a different namespace for your project and do the import again.
Please keep in mind that only the latest Studio 6.3 can import tables without modifying them. Also, we are going to publish a new release candidate shortly, it has many improvements in model generation, so I would suggest you to wait until RC2 is available here.