Generate Model - 400+ MySql tables Not Showing Tables


I have more than 400 tables in my MySql database and I want to generate Entities for all of them ideally. Using the Studio UI and trying “Show Tables” gives me a “Please Wait” spinner that never completes. Is that due to the amount of tables I have in the database?

If so is there another way I can create Entities linking to the legacy tables programatically?

Many thanks!

Try to speed up the connection to the database.
On my local dev machine, I have tried to import MySQL DB with more than 500 tables. And it took about a minute.
Also, we have created a YouTrack issue. See the link on the right. Maybe we will improve the model generation in future.
Thank you.

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Thanks Rostislav,

I was originally running the creation from my local dev machine to a remote DB. I switched to using a local DB and it was able to create them, as you say a few minutes was all it took.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: