Generate jar with including images


I have the following task in gradle

task deploy (dependsOn: [assemble, cleanConf], type: CubaDeployment) {
    appName = "${modulePrefix}"
    appJars (modulePrefix + '-global', modulePrefix + '-web')
    copy {
        from "images"
        into "$cuba.tomcat.dir/webapps/${modulePrefix}/VAADIN/images"
        include "*.png"

When I deploy the application using intelliJ it works fine, but I don’t know how to make the same thing happen when I deploy it with a jar

task buildUberJar (type: CubaUberJarBuilding) {
    singleJar = true
    appProperties = ['cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate': false]
    coreJettyEnvPath = 'modules/core/web/META-INF/jetty-env.xml'
    logbackConfigurationFile = 'etc/uber-jar-logback.xml'

Can you help me? Thanks a lot

Can anybody help me? :disappointed_relieved:

what is the goal for packing the images? are you going to refer to them through http://

or do you want to refer to them as classpathrescources (in which case you can just put them in a src/main/resources folder)

I have not verified this, but this discussion on stackoverflow talks about serving images from an uberjar for jetty

Are images used as static resources?
You could try to put them into /modules/web/web/VAADIN/ directory. See documentation: