GanttChart with rollover effect


How to implement a rollOverGraphItem and rollOutGraphItem listeners in a gantt chart?

Amchart demo :

In a gantt chart the CategoryColorField is not supported?

I have a gantt chart with a balloon property fixedPosition false but when a mouse over graph item and then over no graph item, the ballon still appear with the last graph item information. How to do desappear the ballon in the last case?



Gantt Chart takes color value from segments. You can define colorField for the ganttChart element (see this demo), e.g.:

<chart:ganttChart id="ganttChart"

Could you please provide the full chart config so I can try to reproduce the issue?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible right now. I’ve created a GitHub issue.


Hi Gleb,

In amcharts documentation I found that labelColorField property of categoryAxis works only with non-date-based data, i.e. in ganttChart not works.

I realized that this issue occurs when the gantt has guides. I add the guides programmatically.

Thanks, I wait for solution.


Hi @sospinar,

You can achieve the same effect using CSS:

  1. Create Theme Extension
  2. Add stylename attribute for ganttChart in XML descriptor (e.g. stylename=“test-gantt”)
  3. Add folow selector to styles.scss:
.test-gantt .amcharts-graph-column .amcharts-graph-column-element {
  stroke-width: 1;

  &:hover {
    stroke-width: 5;