Full Text Search default editor question

Hello Cuba community,

I’ve got a Cuba app that loads an entity from two different menu options based on the ‘status’ set in the entity. If the status is set to ‘closed’, it is no longer available to view in the standard browser/editor. For those, there is another menu item to only view (not edit) closed entries. The closed entries show the read only version.

My question is, is there a way to setup Full Text Search to recognize the status and load the appropriate editor? Currently, the closed entries load in the default editor, which allows them to be modified.

Thanks in advance!,

I suggest you set up Access Groups constraints that allow you to manage access to particular rows of data. Constraints can be set for reading, creating, updating and deletion, so the framework will filter out some entities when loading or disable entity operations for instance if it matches a constraint.


Access groups could be useful, but I haven’t yet seen an example of how to divert to a screen controller to view, only the entity. We’re trying to make sure that based off of an attribute’s value in an entity, the FTS search results goes to one screen controller, and not the default. I’m sorry if I’m missing something.

Requesting further assistance,