FTS with Access Group Read SQL Constraint

We’ve implemented FTS against a table that has an Access Group SQL Constraint for the majority of our users when reading from the database. The constraint is complicated and consists of a couple of joins to other tables so we need to keep it as a SQL Constraint.

The FTS configuration includes a couple of child tables that are compositions.

Performance for the FTS in this situation can sometimes be very slow and sits for what seems like forever before returning. I don’t see the same performance issues when there is no SQL Constraint so my assumption here is that the two aren’t playing nice together, and the FTS is iterating though matches to find results that the user has access to. Are there any suggestions on what I can do to improve the performance here?


Hi Josh,
We have an issue related to your problem: Optimize FTS search performance · Issue #26 · cuba-platform/fts · GitHub. When it is implemented, it should increase the performance

Nice, thank you. At this point it is mostly unusable. Any sort of timeline on this? I would love to have this before going to production which is in September else we will have to exclude the feature.

Hi Josh,

It is scheduled for release 6.10 which will happen by the end of September. By the end of August, we’ll publish a beta version.