FTS just stopped working, any search query returns nothing found


Not sure what went wrong. FTS was working 1 day, next day I pressed reindexAll, it said ‘Enqueued 86944 items’. Now whether I press processQueue or processEntireQueue it just says Done 0.

I do remember invoking upgrade or optimize from JMX console around same time but not sure if that caused it. Can’t find in documentation what that does. I tried those as FTS search was giving error when I was searching a term that was there in a deleted entity.

Thanks for the help

first, please tell us which platform version you use.
Then reproduce the steps you’ve mentioned (reindexAll, processEntireQueue and search) and send us the app.log. Maybe we’ll see anything there.


Sorry for the incomplete details. It happened on version 6.6.3.

I don’t know how but the issue is resolved now. I have a different concern regarding FTS (solving which caused this), but I will raise it as a separate topic.

You can close this topic now.