FTS issue - unable to process queue


Just filled our test database with a big bunch of data, activated FTS in app properties, defined the processQueue scheduled task as per documentation, and called JMX asyncReindexAll in admin screen.

Then I have the following warning : WARN com.haulmont.fts.core.app.FtsManager - Unable to process queue: there are entities that are waiting for reindex

I have deleted […]\deploy\tomcat\work\app-core\ftsindex directory to restart from scratch, same issue.

What is wrong ?


If you invoked the asyncReindexAll method, then you should schedule the reindexNextBatch() method as well. See here: Running and configuring entities reindexing - CUBA Platform. Full Text Search

The asycReindexAll() doesn’t actually do the reindexing. It just marks the entities to be reindexed, and then the reindexNextBatch() actually put items to the queue step by step. And the queue is not processed until all the items are put to the queue.

So, you have 2 options: add reindexNextBatch() to the scheduler, or (if don’t have a lot of data to be reindexed) use the method that puts entities to the index queue synchronously: reindexAll()

Understood, Thanks Max.