FTS error

Hi, i activated on my project fts, and when i search anything says:

IndexNotFoundException: no segments* file found in MMapDirectory@C:\Users\ivan\studio-projects\iMgestion\build\tomcat\work\img-core\ftsindex lockFactory=org.apache.lucene.store.NativeFSLockFactory@70af322b: files: []

Where is the error?

SOlved the error, whe dont makeā€™it :

Warning: defining the configuration is not enough to get Full Text Search working in your application. You should also do the following:

Run the application, open Administration > JMX Console screen, find the app-core.fts:type=FtsManager JMX bean, open the Enable attribute and check the Value checkbox.
Re-login to the application, open the same JMX bean again and consequently invoke reindexAll() first and then processQueue() to index existing entities.
In order to process the indexing queue periodically, setup a scheduled task invoking the processQueue() method of the cuba_FtsManager bean.