Fts EmbeddableEntity


I try to use fts in my complexe project.
But seem have some restrinction.

I think use ftsService.search("…" , List.of("…")); because browse screen use keyValueCollection.

fts work with simple entity, but seem not work with entity have embeddableEntity.
no result return by search on string field declared in embedded

is it extact or i missing something?

best regards


FTS search by default puts to index only local attributes.
To include indexing of embedded attributes, you have to edit app-fts.xml in your project, write something like:

<entity class="com.sample.library.entity.BookPublication">
            <include re=".*"/>
            <include re="embeddedAttr.*"/>

And reindex this entity.
See Appendix A: FTS Configuration File - CUBA Platform. Full Text Search