FTS checkbox option is not available for some Filters

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I’ve set up the FTS component and everything works as expected when the option is available.
Though, on some Entity Browsers, the FTS checkbox option is not available in the filter.

I’ve read in the documentation that if full text search is unavailable then the checkbox will be invisible despite of the defined value but I cannot find what makes it unavailable.

Also, is there a way to make the FTS work on custom columns as well? My intuition says it isn’t, but I’m still curious if there is any work around.

Any ideas?



If you meant that you don’t understand what makes the full text search unavailable, then it was about the case when FTS component is not included to the project.

What do you mean by custom columns?

Hi @gorbunkov,

It’s definitely not the case. As I explained above, fts works for some entity browser filters and for some reason i don’t understand, for some others doesn’t.

By custom columns I mean columns that are generated programmatically using addGeneratedColumn() method, not being part of the datasource (entity properties).

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If the entity is not indexed by the FTS (it is not in the FTS config file) then the FTS won’t be enabled in generic filter component. Maybe that’s your case.
As for generated columns - that will not work. FTS only searches among entity fields that are indexed by Lucene (i.e. defined in the FTS config)

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Thanks a lot.