Frontend ui compilation failed bproc_InputDefinition.ts

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with frontend UI compilation. Unfortunately I’m not so expert in React and I can’t understand how fix it.

The problem is on two files bproc_InputDefinition.ts and bproc_OutputDefinition.ts

TypeScript error in /Users/nico/Developer/crm/modules/front/src/cuba/entities/base/bproc_OutputDefinition.ts(9,5):
Generic type 'Pick' requires 2 type argument(s).  TS2314

     7 |   V extends OutputDefinitionViewName
     8 | > = V extends "_base"
  >  9 |   ? Pick<OutputDefinition>
       |     ^
    10 |   : V extends "_local"
    11 |   ? Pick<OutputDefinition>
    12 |   : never;

The problem fix commenting from line 7 to 12. The problem is that every time that I create a new frontend component the model is updated and the problem returns.

Thanks to all for the help.

Hi, the issue has been fixed in the latest version of frontend-generator (4.1.0). Update version of @cuba-platform/front-generator in package.json of your project.

Hi Vladislav,

I have updated package.json:

run the command:

npm install @cuba-platform/front-generator  

re-sync the model, but nothing changed. In fact I have the same error.

What I wrong?