French translation applied partially on extended User screen


It seems that on extended screens (e.g User.edit, but I saw the same with External Files screen), translation is applied partially as you can see below: tab ‘New User’, field ‘New Password’, button ‘add’ for roles, but ‘ajouter’ for substituted users.


I checked the messages_fr file and item ‘password’ for instance is there yet. Strangely sometimes translation is found sometimes not.


Attached a sample project. (131.0 KB)


Hi Mike,

This problem affects all translations, not only French, so thank you for discovering it.
Please try a workaround suggested here while we try to find the issue’s root cause.

Thanks Olga, but as you described in the issue, in my case the workaround does not work, I already have a file.


The platform is making a mix between both messages files content.

I’m worried about the issue being classifed as minor while I do not have a working workaround at hand. Another idea ?



The platform does not mix messages. It simply uses fallback to English because there are no messages defined in FR locale for the screen:

password = Mot de passe
confirmPassword = Mot de passe (+)
loginMsg = Login is not set (FR)
createCaption = New User (FR)
roleName = Role name (FR)
localizedRoleName = Localized role (FR)

In fact, you have to provide locale for all the messages from /com/haulmont/cuba/gui/app/security/user/edit/ to turn all the EN messages into FR on this screen.

I’ve attached the demo with custom messages in FR locale: (113.1 KB)