French Localisation : how to define numberGroupingSeparator?


I’m struggling to define numberGroupingSeparator as ’ ’ (space) for French locale. While editing format strings, Studio does not keep the space and so does not generate the corresponding entry in

How can I set the numberGroupingSeparator to space ?


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Hi Mike,

As it turned out, now you can only set space directly in your com/company/sample/web/ file like this:

numberGroupingSeparator = \u0020

And do not edit localization settings in Studio, otherwise it will convert the value to \\u0020.

The issue is registered: and will be fixed ASAP.

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Thanks Konstantin. It was not working for every figures especially doubles so I had to define all the following to make it works.

numberDecimalSeparator = ,
numberGroupingSeparator = \u0020
decimalFormat = ###,##0.00
doubleFormat = ###,##0.00