Forum search function is almost useless

The search facility in the current version of the Cuba support forum is extremely bad. Many search terms fail to find any relevant results, and often just show the same list of seemingly random matches even when very specific search words are entered that definitely exist in forum posts. This is highly frustrating.

The search in the previous forum software was very good, making the forum an invaluable resource, especially when looking for answers to non-documented problems. It was part of the reason we elected to use Cuba for our new project. I believe this previous forum software was taken down due to a security breach earlier this year, which is a sad loss.

Are there any plans to look for alternative forum software having an emphasis on advanced search facilities? Without it you are missing a critical support resource.



you are absolutely right on that (and that should eventually be fixed). Luckily as this resource is indexed at Google. So as a pragmatic approach just do a search like this: custom datasource groovy

Whatever forum software is used over here, google will be more accurate in search results.

But besides that, the search could be way better. True.


Hi guys,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are actively working on migration to Discourse, which as we think is the most advanced and widely used forum software nowadays. This is not a trivial task because we want to have the whole content on the new forum and there is no standard migration procedure. But I hope it will be done in a few weeks.


Thank you Konstantin, it’s good to hear that a migration is in the pipeline. With the high level of effort you guys put into answering the forum posts it is pretty important that this large and valuable knowledge base is easily accessible.


We have just deployed new forum with a smart search engine. Enjoy! :tada:

Best regards,

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I am already enjoying it thank you! So far it seems a great deal better, and the search function has definitely improved a lot. Thanks guys!


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