Form colspan attribute

Hi everyone,
I have a form with 2 columns. I need to span a field (email field in the sample) to second column,
How can i do it? With colspan="2" attribute it doesn’t works.

    <form id="form" dataContainer="personDc">
        <column width="250px">
            <textField id="idCardField" property="idCard"/>
            <textField id="emailField" property="email" colspan="2"/>
        <column width="250px">
            <textField id="nameField" property="name"/>

Above code doesn’t works. I need like this (edited image):

Sample project: (391.5 KB)



Currently, the Form component doesn’t support colspan/rowspan functionality, but we have plans to add it (see related issue).

For now, you can implement the desired layout using the GridLayout component (see online demo).

Hint: In screen XML-descriptors, component attributes for displaying static text (such as label value) can address localized messages using the rules of MessageTools.loadString() method. For example:

  • value="msg://" – gets a message defined by the key in the message pack.

This can be handy when defining a label value that will be used as a field caption.


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Ok thanks! I hope the feature is released soon.

Hi Gleb,

Does this work now on version 7.1 ? I tried to use Form container with two columns and making the first field of the first span 2 or 4 columns. So it still doesn’t work. Could you please confirm ?



The linked issue is planned for 7.2 release.



Hi @gorelov, regarding the aforementioned issue, could you please share your plans on how to implement the grid-like attributes, especially in regard with my PR #2465 that’s pending your approval (see the last comment)?

Thx for your time,