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I’m trying to configure Forgot Password add-on but I can’t see the link in the login page. I’m using Cuba 6.10.15, so I’ve installed 2.2.0 add-on version. We are using a Halo theme extension.

I’ve been following the Github documentation. I’ve setup the Anonymous role allowing “sec$User.changePassword” and “sec$User.resetPassword” screens. Finally I’ve added the following properties: = true
cuba.web.linkHandlerActions = open|o|reset

What I’m missing? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, have you extended the login screen in your app?


No. Should we extend the login screen? In this case, how can we do it?

Thanks for your reply.

No it’s not mandatory, I asked because it’s a common cause of issues. If you extend the login screen, you need to extend the add-on’s one and not the original one.

So clearly your issue is not related to that… that must be something else. The first thing you should do is scanning the app log for any error/warning that can be related to the add-on.
Then you could try a starting fresh, with a new test app and then apply the same config step you’ve done in your app. If that doesn’t work too, you must have skipped some config or done it wrong, otherwise there’s some conflict in your app.

Let me know

Hi again!

It’s working now! I forgot to put it on the web.xml file.

Now I send an email to a Google account, but I don’t receive it. I’m trying it in localhost. Should I configure something else?

Thank you!

Well, yes… you must configure email sending parameters, but that’s not related to my add-on, you need it to send any email from your application.
See: Configuring Email Sending Parameters - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

Thanks, I will try it!!

Hi again!

One more question. How can I change all the texts? I mean, I want to translate them into Spanish. I’m searching the text “forgot password?” but I can’t find it.

Thank you!

The process is the same as for every CUBA app or component. See this closed PR for reference, you’ll see which message files you need to translate: