Forget password functionality from sample-user-registration code


I have tried to run sample-user-registration code but i m facing some problem regarding forget password functionality. I register a user with my Email Id as login Id and tried to reset its password. I am getting a dialogue box “Success”, "E-mail with your new password has been sent " but I did not received any mail. So I am not able to recover the password. How to solve this issue ?

I haven’t configure anything just run the code. Are there any configuration required ? If yes then please tell me what are the configurations need to be done.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Priyanka,

Take a look at this example: Sending Emails

Configuration starts from step 4.


Thanks for your help. I did all the required configurations and tried to send TestEmail but getting Authentication failed error. I have attached a screenshot of error please take a look.

These are the configurations I did : = = = 465 = true = true = true = = xxxx
cuba.schedulingActive = true

how can I resolve this issue ?

email error

Perhaps the parameters you provided are not correct or not enough for your SMTP server. Please note that besides parameters started with cuba.* prefix, you can specify any property recognized by JavaMail API, see Just add them to the same file.

Thank you so much for your help. Its working perfect now.