Forget password add-on not showing link in login window

I installed forget password add-on and followed the process as per documentation (set anonymous role and added properties in web properties).

But now reset link is visible in login windows.

PS: I am using extended login window (for preventing multiple login from same credential)

Do I have to do any other setting?



If you have previously extended the standard CUBA login window and then you installed my forgot-password addon, it’s normal that you cannot see the reset link…

Normally when addons like this needs to change standard CUBA screens, they extend the screen and then add the controls/behaviour in either the XML or the Java controller (or both like in this case).

So, if you want to further change the behaviour of the CUBA login window, and at the same time see the forgot link, you need to extend the extended login window in the forgot-password addon.

The relative path of the screen is it/nexbit/cuba/security/forgotpassword/web/loginwindow/nexbit-loginwindow.xml
Just extend it and re-add the code that you previously added in your own extended version (and remember to remove your screen to avoid conflicts).


Thanks @pfurini,

It is working now.