font color for columns in GroupTable


I have a one to one mapping relationship between two entities. I want to create a screen to display all information in these two entities, but I want to distinguish them. so I set the different font color for them.

in styles.scss file, I defined the css like this

.v-table-cell-content.purchase {
  color: blue;
.v-table-cell-content.sales {
  color: red;

the color is working, but when I selected one row in the table. the background color is blue, and it is similar to the font color. please find the attachment.

how should I make it better?

Best Regards.



You need to add individual styles for selected rows, e.g.

.v-table [class*="-row"].v-selected .v-table-cell-content.purchase {
  color: white;


sorry for replying late.

Thank you very much.