Folder Panel / Application Folder usage

I have been playing around with the Folder Panel a little bit and have a question about its’ usage. The documentation I’ve found online states the Application Folder can be used to display non filtered screens, what is meant by non filtered screens and how do you go about adding the non filtered screens to the Application Folder via the front end? Presumably filtered screens are the screens containing a grid of filtered results, I am just looking for clarification as to whether or not more is implied there.

Screens can be added at run-time, from filter config icon, you will find save as option…

You cannot add an application folder for a screen without a filter via the application UI. It is only possible via creating of AppFolder entity or directly in the database tables: SYS_FOLDER and SYS_APP_FOLDER.

Thanks for the clarification. As a follow up question, is it possible to change the labels used in the Folder Panel? For instance if I wanted to rename Search Folder to something like Favorites.

Sure. Define the following keys in the main message pack of your web module:

folders.appFoldersRoot = Quick Links
folders.searchFoldersRoot = Favorites

They are used in

Great that does exactly what I need. One more follow up, is there any way to change the options in the settings menu on the filter control so the text matches my renamed panel? Example rename “Save as Search Folder” to “Save as Favorite”? What about changing the “Add to set” button?

Actually all filter messages are defined in the main message pack of CUBA GUI module with the “filter.” prefix. You can redefine them as well, for example:

filter.saveAsSearchFolder=Save as Favorite
filter.saveAsAppFolder=Save as XYZ
filter.addToSet = Add to set
filter.addToCurSet = Add to current set
filter.removeFromCurSet = Remove from current set

Perfect. Is there any documentation or some other way of finding all of these settings that are available? There are a few other labels I would like to change such as the “Set” label on the filter once you open the saved set and the header on the new window created when saving a new set.

You can find most of the messages in cuba-gui-X.Y.Z.jar in com/haulmont/cuba/gui/ file. Or on GitHub: