FK problem with BPM in Multitenant environment

In my multitenancy application i want to reuse some process models from one tenant to another. When I import the json file i am getting the following error:


this may be mentioned here that i have extended the procModel to ExtProcModel. but it seems the name is process model conflicted. How can I overcome this?

I’m afraid that you cannot make the process model entity tenant-specific. Activiti framework has its own implementation of multi-tenancy, but we didn’t play with it and didn’t implement any support of it.
One question: if you want process models to be shared between tenants, why not to leave them as-is (not to extend ProcModel)? in this case, all the models and process definitions will be visible for all tenants.

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Oh, that’s not a good news for me! What about the new BPM that you are working on to release in Q1, 2019 will this tackle?

About your question regarding if I do not extend, I need to extend to let tenants design their business process which might be different from one to another for obvious reasons. What I meant in my post is, sometimes, I can download a standard design for share with a new client so that they can reuse it with some changes where needed.