Filters arbitrarily change depending on login screen

I have some tables with the filters setup to search within them, but the filters change arbitrarily depending on the user. I have a public user that does not have the ability to look within a dropdown menu because the option changes to an elipse.

this is an admin’s user filter bar:

this is an anon or public user:


as you can see, this filter changes without us specifying it to do so

also, the helium theme does not work in the public user…

Are you sure that in these two cases the Categoria filter condition points to the same entity? Could it be that on first screenshot instances of entity A are displayed in the dropdown list and on the second screenshot instances of entity B are opened by the picker field?

yes I am sure they both point to the same entity, the only variable is the user, even when we give the users the same privileges the issue remains the same

Could you please explain what do you mean by “public user”?
Could you reproduce the problem on a sample project and attach it here?