Filtering with filter on empty text field

Hi There
I would like to use the Filter for filtering the record on a string field which is not null but empty (contains empty string)

The ‘is set’ = NO is not works
The ‘=’ operator and the empty value is not works too.
How i can filter for that kind of condition?


Which version of the platform do you use? The ‘is set’ = NO filter should work.

You can implement a custom condition for filter:


<filter id="carsFilter" dataLoader="carsDl">
    <properties include=".*"/>
    <custom name="vin" caption="VIN is empty">
      {E}.vin = ''

It is legacy app. the latest v6 platform. If jmix going live I’ll try to migrate to jmix and skip v7.

The is set = NO only works in case when the field is null if the field is set to empty string like “” it not works. Worse I cannot find a way to filter a text field for example field = 1,2,3,…n spaces. If i input only space to the filter expression input field nothing happens. Like the frameworks thinks I did’nt enter anything and not applying the filter.