Filtering a table


I try to refine the display of a table according to a tokenList (flowList) and face issues.
I tried the following but no one worked.

  1. direct link: in the XML to define the tokenList for the loader of the table’s data collection:

    <collection id=“staticAXINStatusesDc” class=“com.ingenico.dumbo.entity.StaticAXINStatus”>
    <loader id=“staticAXINStatusesDl”>
    <![CDATA[select e from dumbo_StaticAXINStatus e where (e.flow in (:component$flowList))]]>

  2. with a parameter

I used this query for the dataloader:
select e from dumbo_StaticAXINStatus e where e.flow in :selectedFlows

and in the code I wrote
staticAXINStatusesDl.setParameter(“selectedFlows”, staticAXINStatusesDc.getItems());

I pass through this code but nothing happens…

Did I make something wrong ? (I guess but what).
Help highly appreciated.
Have a good day.

Thanks for having read this.


if you want the dataLoader to be automatically refreshed when some component value changed, then use the DataLoadCoordinator.

As for the second approach (passing the parameter) then you probably passed a wrong value for selected flows:

staticAXINStatusesDl.setParameter(“selectedFlows”, staticAXINStatusesDc.getItems());

The parameter value should probably be taken from some other data container, not the staticAXINStatusesDc

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