Filter when using DataGrid

I have tried to use filter with DataGrid. The datasource is working, but I am not able to attach the filter to Datagrid. Does someone have an idea of how to do this.


Could you clarify your needs? What do you mean by attaching a filter to a DataGrid? If you can filter a datasource, then the data in the DataGrid will be filtered too.


So, I only have to add the data source.
I don’t have to connect the filter to datagrid.
Will filter expand the whole width.

Unfortunately, your needs still unclear for me. If you’re talking about filter’s applyTo attribute, then you don’t need to define it for DataGrid. Just assign filter to a data source and you will be able to filter data. DataGrid will reflect filtering.

Will filter expand the whole width.

Could you clarify this question?

Filter works fine with datagrid.
Just needed data source.