Filter users for BPM

Hello, dear forum. I have a question about BPM module.

First of all: How could i filter users when i choose procActors?
For example I have 10 users, but only 3 of them are allowed to do something in my business process. So when user starts a process and select users for process roles, i want this user to see only those, who allowed to do something in this process.
I guess, that i should set some user roles and then do some filtering for a BP starting screen, but i can’t find where exactly i should do that.

And another one: could i select not a user, but a whole user role for my process role?
For example I have 10 users, divided by 3 roles, and i don’t care, who of them will complete user task, can i pick a user role for a process role or i (as a person who sets process roles) should create 3 procActors for each role and set 3 users for each procActor manually?
In other words - where in code can i customize the assignation process?

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take a look at the following topics:

  1. Restricting process role assignment based on security role - CUBA.Platform - this one gives a hint how to create a new process form that restricts a user list.
  2. BPM: Assigning to roles / users automatically - CUBA.Platform - this one has a link for the sample project that demonstrates how to fill process actors in the code.