filter search button


Can I add a click listener to the Filter component search button?
I would like to show rather complex product browse screen in a following way:

It will show tree element which is showing the ProductCategory list which is hierarchical.
When I click to the tree and select a new tree element it will master-detail link to a product collectionsdatasource, so i can show the products in a table next to tree.

But I would like to use filter and other lookup components to filter the products.
So I start adding collections datasources to lookupfields and filter, and adding change listeners to the valuechange events, to swap datasources.
So far so good. the table is reflecting the changes.

But the filter component has only a filterentity change listener and this is not a optimal way because i need to refresh the table when the user click the search button OR changing the filter, but i cannot find a way how to hook on this change button.

I know this smell a little bit hacking, but i don’t have better idea how to make a complex filter for a product table, where it can be filtered in many ways, and i need to use tree, lookups and filter for this.

Any tips?

I find a workaround for this.

I changed the filter_popup to filter_lookup in filter template definition, in that way I got rid of built in search button.

I added a new button to the screen with action

 public void onButtonClick() {

So it is working now. But I would like to have clickListeners everywhere where I can click on it. :confused:


probably you’re right. We’ll think about adding listeners that will be invoked before the filter is applied and after this. Thanks for the hint.