Filter: programmatic filter selection in DIALOG window does not change caption at init


i’ve found a little bug, that is within the feature of the generic filter solution. Here’s the case:

I want to use the ability to programatically use the generic filter in order to apply a particular filter that is in the DB at the start of the screen.
To do so, i followed the docs about Filter (in particular the part “Screen invocation parameters”).
The problem that i have is the situation that when i open the browse screen in a dialog and apply the filter to it, it will not propagated to the caption of the dialog. But if i select the filter manually, it works.

To better illustrate it, i created a screen capture of this (attached). You can additionally look at the example project.

Perhaps, you might want to take a look at this.

Thanks & Bye,
Mario (42.2K)

missing-caption-in-dialog-title-for-programmatic-filter.gif (141.3K)

Hi, Mario.

Thank you for reporting the problem. We are going to fix it.

Link to the corresponding issue in the bug tracking system: