Filter out columns which are not shown


Is there a way to exclude from the filters the colums which are not shown on on the screen.

Our entites are entended from a StandardClientEntity class which has fields like updatedBy or deletedBy.
On the screen at the filters these fields are shown as well. Is there a way to exclude these from the filters maybe with an annotation or regex or something?


I have tried with regexp but did not have luck. I have tried so far:


and so on.

Could you help me with this?

Thanks a lot,


there is an annotation to declare attributes as system level attributes, that should not be displayed e.g. in the filter component: @SystemLevel.

This is probably what you want. However, it seems that you created “StandardClientEntity” on you own with attributes that are already in place at StandardEntity. Why don’t you just use it instead?


Thanks it works.

Thanks for the advice I will take a look at your class.