Filter information a single user

I have just started using Cuba. My knowledge is limited. I have started working in a project, it’s a Extranet.
In the platform multiples companies load their documents and the customers can see this information. Every company’s user can just upload and see the information related to their company. The clients can just see the information related to themselves.
How could I filter the information related to a single user and/or client in the screen?

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I suggest you check information about Access Groups mechanism and see the Creating Local Administrators example.


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Hi Natalia,
Thanks a lot for your answer. I will ask the question to make it clear.
Our aplication is a platform used by many non related companies. As such, the usuary of entreprise “X” should have no access to information in entreprise “Y”. So my question is: how can I get the id usuary who is login and use this id to filter the information that is loaded on the screen?.


Hi Vanesa,

Please take a look on the addon ‘Multitenancy’ - that provide the functionality to handle multiple clients in your application.



Steven, thank you so much for your answer. It’s very helpful for clients

Hi Natalia,
Sorry, I apologize. Your information was correct. It’s very useful by users.
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