Filter display issue with fts as default mode


I have noticed two problems when using a filter with defaultMode = fts:

<filter id="filter"
    <properties include=".*"/>

1. Setting a generic filter as default
Workflow to reproduce the proben:

  • Open Browse View
  • Switch to generic filter
  • Create a new filter, save it and set “Make Default”
  • Close tab
  • Open Browse View again
    Now the “Full-Text Search” Checkbox is checked (since defaultMode is fts). But the default generic filter is also displayed (see screenshot). When I click search, the values from the generic filter is ignored.
    Expected behaviour:
    When I open the Browse View, only the fts fields should be displayed. When I toggle to generic filter, the default filter should be selected.

2. Open SearchFolder
I have created a Search Folder for the same entity and when I open the search filter (using the pane on the left side), the same happens a above. Both the fts and generic filters are displayed.
Expected behaviour:
When I open Search Folder, only the generic filter fields should be displayed with the values from the selected Search Folder.

Thanks for your support.


cuba-Filter display issue with fts as default mode

thank you for reporting the issue. It will be fixed in the next bugix release.

Fixed in 6.2.8.