filter component: scope of dropdown candidates?

When using the filter component, how is the scope determined for the list of candidates proposed in the dropdown list?
To clarify, let’s say I have a list of Orders for Customers A and B.
In my screen, I have a collectionDatasource of Orders, for which the query limits Orders to those of client B.
However, in the filter component, if I add a “Customer” condition, and click on the dropdown to select a candidate, both Customer A and Customer B are shown - I would have expected only Customer B to be shown as I have only loaded Orders for Customer B in the Order collectionDatasource.

Is this the expected behaviour, or I am missing something?
Thank you!


it is an expected behavior. If you want to limit values for the customer field, then you have to create a new custom condition. In this condition specify the ‘Param Where’ with the where clause that restricts possible options list. You can use session variables, screen parameters, etc in the condition. Read more here (search for ‘paramWhere’) on the page) or in the description of the ‘Param Where’ field in filter editor.


Hi Max,

Thank you very much for your clear and illustrated answer!
This works perfectly.

Best regards,