FileUploadField - IllegalStateException - cascade PERSIST

Hello guys,

i already searched through some Topics regarding “cascade PERSIST” Error. But there was nothing fitting my Error/needs.

I have an Entity “AgDokument” with an “FileDescriptor” Attribute:


When i try to upload a File, and use the Upload Button, generated by the fieldGroup Object:


it works fine. when i try to use an additional “FileUploadField” Object, i get the following Error:


Does somebody ever experienced this? the Datasources of the Screen seem to be fine, because when using the fieldGroup Upload Button, it works completely fine.

I am already Familiar with:


Looking forward to your help.

Best Regards

solved this one, had to change fileStoragePutMode to IMMEDIATE


anyone has an idea why MANUAL doesn’t work, even with the in the controller defined store code ? I did it exactly as described in FileUploadField