FileStorage - File descriptors management in a batch (no GUI)


Could we have a way to manage file descriptors programmatically ?

I’d like to be able to :

  • iterate on all file descriptors
  • search file descriptors by criteria (e.g based on creation date)

It is for a batch implementation so I do not want to depend on GUI classes like Datasource. For the same reason I cannot use ‘External Files’ screen as a starting point.

Using Datamanager does the trick with a JSQL query, but having these methods in FileStorageAPI would feel more complete, and would avoid reaching the ‘sys_file’ system table.

REST api could benefit from it either.



It is a normal approach to use DataManager and query for FileDescriptor entity, including “search file descriptors by criteria”. Thus we don’t plan to introduce additional query/load methods to FileStorageAPI.

If you want to use it from REST API I recommend that you write your own service and expose it to REST-API clients.