File uploaded not available/accessible to tenants

I have application where files will be uploaded by admin and should be available to all users. As the sys-file has tenant field, it is not possible. Only admin can see the files as tenant_id field is empty.

I want files uploaded by admin to all tenants. (this entity with filedescriptor don’t have tenant_id)

How can I solve this problem.




Unfortunately, multitenancy shows entities only for one specific tenant. There is no way to share tenant entities between several tenants.

As a workaround, you can copy the file descriptor between all tenants in your application.

Thank you,
Andrey Subbotin

I have a question - why reports uploaded by admin (systenantid - null) in report_report table is visible to all tenants, but files uploaded by admin (systenantid - null) in sys-file table not accessible to all tenants.

Why we have two separate policies for files and reports? or I have to give some particular permission to tenant users>