File Upload Issue

Is the file upload documentation current?
It seems that the uploadField.addListener() is deprecated.
Could you please send updated doc?

FileUploadField.Listener class and FileUploadField.addlistener() method are deprecated in favor of SAM-interfaces FileUploadSucceedListener, FileUploadStartListener, etc. supporting lambdas. But the old listener still works.
Use FileUploadField#addFileUploadSucceedListener method to react when the file is uploaded.

We will update the docs ASAP, thanks for reporting the issues.

Thank you. In all of your example, you have the following line:
getItem().setImageFile(dataSupplier.commit(fd, null));
But this is not compiling because dataSupplier.commit(fd, null) is “an ambiguous method call”.

Thank you, we’ll fix it.
Just use dataSupplier.commit(fd).