File upload error

An error is reported when uploading a file. When uploading a file, the system will fail to upload some files, resulting in the following errors. Some files are correct, and the correct files are relatively small files, such as 20KB. Larger files cannot be uploaded, but larger text in text format can be uploaded, such as xx Txt (80mb). At present, our test results are as follows. Before this problem occurred, our system was OK. Recently, an error occurred suddenly.

See attachment for error log
web-block.log (43.8 KB) Middleware-block.log (12.3 KB)

Can anyone fix it? We’ve been studying for two days

Looks like a network problem between your web and middleware blocks. No other clues in provided log files.

What is the specific network problem? I use the ping command to check whether it is normal. How do I test to determine if it is a network problem? With what tools?

Can you help me again?

It depends on your deployment environment. Is it just WildFly launched on VPS or dedicated server, or is it Kubernetes?
First, I would look into every log file in the system searching for suspicous error messages.

It may be a proxy server, or exhausted network bandwidth, or security settings. There may be some WildFly maximum file size settings.
E.g. Configuring WildFly upload file size - Mastertheboss