Fieldgroup formatting - question


I am using an entity with much fields, that must fit in a screen. I created a fieldgroup and it works find.
Now I tried to set the fontsize a little bit smaller to get more fields in the same frame-size.
I tried to change the halo-theme-fontsize: Result all fonts on the screen are doing what i wanted,
but NOT the - text-labels left to the imput-fields.
Next i tried to use css-styles: Result: the font-size in the style is used in all input-fields, but NOT in - text-labels in the fieldgroup.

Now the question: Is there a way to manipulate the presentation of the labels left to the active fields in
my fieldgroup ?

I send a screenshot of my mask: You see very small fontsize in the input-components, but big size labels.



Hi Martin,

i tired it myself and in fact the field group label is not bound to the $v-font-size scss variable. But also things like the main tab caption, the table headers etc. are not effected by that.

However, you can easily change it. It is the css class: .halo .v-caption.

So just do something like this:

@mixin com_company_cesf-halo-ext {

  .v-caption {
     font-size: 10px;

in your halo-ext.scss file. That should do the trick.


Attached i’ve created an example project.

I hope this helps.

Mario (93.6 KB)

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or even better, just bind it to the variable itself, so you only have one point to change:

@import "halo-ext-defaults";

@mixin com_company_cesf-halo-ext {

  .v-caption {
     font-size: $v-font-size;

in halo-ext.scss.

Be aware that you have to create a theme extension if you have not already done that (more information: Extending an Existing Theme - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual)


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Hi Mario,

it works.

Thanks very much for your help.