Field group duplicating values

I have a class “PurchaseOrder” which is being used in the “Otherpobrowse” and “Otherpoeditor” screen. The three fields in “PurchaseOrder” that are giving me issues are “billTo”, “shipTo” and “supplier” which all reference the same class of entity. If I create a new instance of the “PurchaseOrder” entity, billTo and shipTo are being populated with a default value being queried from the database. If I set shipTo to null then commit that instance without editing anything else, the OtherPoBrowse screen shows that both the shipTo and supplier fields are null. But when I open that instance in an editor again, the supplier and shipTo fields are set to the same value as billTo.

Nothing in my controller even references the supplier so I don’t see what would be causing this. Help? (5.9 KB) (4.2 KB)
OtherPoBrowse.xml (2.8 KB)
OtherPoEditor.xml (5.9 KB) (5.9 KB)

Try to set breakpoint to the setSupplier() method of your entity - you should see in stack trace what is causing changes.