fast deployment on multiple servers


I would like to deploy my project on multiple servers with fast tomcat deployment.
How can I make sure that every time I deploy my project it should be for specific server in context file or can I make multiple context file and somehow it should ask which context file to use in deployment.

Any suggestions?

Hi Sanchit,

Could you clarify your intention? What context file do you mean?

Hi Konstantin,

As I said earlier I want to deploy my project on multiple servers.
Can you please provide me the steps that I have to follow.

The context file (deploy/tomcat/webapps/app-core/META-INF/context.xml) contains all the information about database connections with url.
so for instance, I want to deploy on a particular server and next on a different server.
How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


You can override connection parameters in conf/Catalina/localhost/app-core.xml file as described here. See Tomcat docs for explanation of why it works.

So the webapps folder will be the same for all installations, and all specific configuration will be in conf folder.