Failed to load the widgetset #1771


After adding charts in app components, I have “failed to load the widgetset…” on the login page…

Can anyone help with with ?

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I followed this instructions to delete the toolkit :
then created it again using Studio, and it fixed the issue… but if I delete it, I have again the fail error message


I tried to reproduce the problem by your description but did not succeed.
Could you please provide more details?

Which versions of the platform and Studio do you use?
What for did you created web toolkit module? Did you add custom UI component to your project?

The “failed to load the widgetset…” error might occur when the wrong widgetset is specified in the cuba.web.widgetSet property (find it in

Hi Rostislav,

I think this was coming from the cuba.web.widgetSet property in
Not yet tested but it seems like I forgot to remove that line when I removed the toolkit module.

Btw, it would be very useful to have an remove toolkit module button on studio, which removes it correctly…

Thanks for your answer!

In Studio 6.6 user can remove previously created modules.