Fail to create standard screen for Cuba User entitiy (Cuba 6.2.5)

I have created a new entity extending the User entity, and check the replace parent option.

When i try to create standard screen via studio, it fail with error message :
java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Users\xxx.haulmont\studio\cache\com.haulmont.cuba\6.2.5\cuba-desktop

But if i downgrade Cuba version to 6.2.1 it works. Please solve this issue.

The ~.haulmont\studio\cache folder contains the downloaded sources of the platform by version. It seems that something on your system prevents Studio from accessing files of the 6.2.5 version.
Try to remove the whole ~.haulmont\studio\cache\com.haulmont.cuba\6.2.5 folder (it will be re-downloaded) or simply reboot your machine.

I have remove it and reboot my pc, but the problem still exists.
And then why if i downgrade the version it works normally ?


Do you have a desktop client module in your project?

I try to recreate new project with desktop client module disable it works. And fail if i enable it.

Thank you for reporting the issue. We will fix it in the next Studio release, which is planned on the end of this week.

As a workaround, you can create standard screens for replaced User before adding the desktop module. Everything should work well in that case.

The problem is fixed in the Studio version 2.2.4.