Extends screen error duplicate id

Hi all,

I’m trying to extends a screen like to described here: Extending Screens - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

But I got this error:

RuntimeException: Project contains screens with the same id: ‘untitled_Person.browse’. See ‘com.company.untitled.web.screens.person.PersonBrowse’ and ‘com.company.untitled.web.screens.test.ExtPersonBrowse’

I’ve created a simple project for reproduce the issue.

untitled.zip (89.6 KB)

Thanks to all

The same id is used only if you extend a screen from addons.

In your case you need to change id for your extended screen (parameter in @UiController annotation). In this case, don’t forget to change it in web-menu.xml to be able to open the extended screen.

But the user case is extending screens from addons. In this case, you need to use the same id and follow the article.