Extending Role, Report or ProcActor etc. in multitenant environment is not working

I have been using multitenant add-on in my application where i have extended the standard report_report and bpm_proc_model to make those elements editable by the tenant users. However, the tenant_id field is not updated even the entity is created by a tenant user.

Here is how it look like:

  1. Extending

  2. After I have created some records the tennat_id field remains empty

As a result of this non-update of the tenant_id field, any record created in one tenant is visible and modifiable from another tenant which is not desirable.

This may be noted here that I have extended ExtUser from “cubasdbmt$TenantUser” as User Entity was already extended before I have used multitenant App Component and as suggested by CUBA team.

What could be the wrong here?

I’m also interested in how to solve this, given that I require it for a new project where users are the ones who personalize their reports and processes.


Nelson F.

Hi @nelsonflorez,

Please check that your entity has HasTenant interface

Thank you, worked.

@nelsonflorez here is the code in case you are interested:

@Entity(name = "erp$ExtProcRole")
public class ExtProcRole extends ProcRole  implements HasTenant {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 848219304403912642L;

    @Column(name = "TENANT_ID")
    protected String tenantId;

    public void setTenantId(String tenantId) {
        this.tenantId = tenantId;

    public String getTenantId() {
        return tenantId;
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