Export all filtered entities with standard Excel export action (not only paged ones)

Hi CUBA team,
the standard Excel export action exports (only) the currently displayed items. When paging (row limit) is activated in the filter then only the paged entities are exported.
Is it possible to export all filtered items although a row limit was set in the filter? What would be the best practice to achieve this? Is this feature planned for the future?

Hi Stefan,

ExcelAction uses the ExcelExporter class that is specifically designed to export data that is visible to the user at the moment (it tries to represent the table in Excel as close a possible). Also, we deliberately don’t allow users to export all rows because it can lead to performance issues and even OutOfMemory error.

A normal way to do such things is to use reports with XLS(X) output. Or, of course, you can create your own action and create XLS in the same way as ExcelExporter does. In order to load the same data as in the datasource (but without limits) use CollectionDatasource.getCompiledLoadContext() method to obtain LoadContext and pass it to DataManager.loadList().

Hi Konstantin,
using report with xls(x) output give the same error : OutOfMemory.
We are trying to export an entity with 20000 rows.
How can we do that?