Experienced Observation... of comparison Cuba to FormSpider

I am seeking a new FAVORITE development platform, coming from Delphi v5 (back in early 2000).

Please, I have looked at many scripting and development languages. I like what I have seen with Cuba in the overview.

My question – has anyone used FormSpider, and what benefit Cuba Platform has that FormSpider does not.


Hi Jon,
Unfortunately nobody in the CUBA platform team has an experience with this tool. Maybe someone from the community has.
But you could just try to prototype some solution in CUBA to find out the pros and cons. It’s very easy to start - just install JDK and CUBA Studio. We would appreciate any feedback.

Wow, thank you! That is exactly what I hope to accomplish in the next 24 hours. Am going through the full installation instructions now.

Thank you.

Like Konstantin commented, I also never used this tool/framework and just took a look at some demos. After I spent a few minutes, I would say, CUBA-FRAMEWORK is way richer and have a lot more to offer.
Here is some features that look nice in Formspider which can be included in the wish list of CUBA.

  1. The component inside a table in edit mode only when the cursor is selected, that gives better readability and apprearance. (see the attached image formspider1). However, I understand this standard how it works in Vaadin.
  2. Moving a grid row (attached formspider2)

There might be more but the above two caught my attention in my few minutes view at the demo page.




Thank you! I hope to discover the same as you.