Experience storing lots of attached files in CUBA

Storing attached files in CUBA is dead simple, but what is the experience storing lots of file attachments in CUBA ?

I have a usecase where I could end up storing 5-10 million attached PDF-files in CUBA - with an average size of around 100k. Would that actually perform on reasonable hardware or should I turn to storing these attachments in for instance MongoDb instead?



Hi Torben,

As you probably know, the standard implementation of FileStorage stores files in the file system in a structure divided by uploading dates. This is suitable for an average enterprise “document management” system when files are loaded by people gradually during their work. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend this implementation for your case. In fact, you can easily create your own storage by implementing the FileStorageAPI interface in your project and registering your bean in spring.xml. The platform contains an alternative storage implementation for Amazon S3: AmazonS3FileStorage, you can use it as an example.

Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for an honest answer. The FileStorageAPI looks quite easy so I will go that road.