Expand Context of Hits for Full Text Search Results

Platform Version: platform-6.6.4

Currently, FTS results appear to display ~10 characters on either side of the matching search terms. We would like to see more information in our search results to help Users determine the relevancy of each hit without having to go into each entity’s edit screen. Is it possible to expand the context around hits displayed in FTS search results?

Hi, I’m afraid right now it is not possible. The number is stored in the constant. We’ve created an issue to make the number configurable: https://github.com/cuba-platform/fts/issues/28

Yes, I did locate the FTS.HIT_CONTEXT_PAD and attempted to override the class but was unsuccessful. I was hoping you’d know something I don’t regarding that approach, but I’m not surprised that it can’t be done. Thanks for taking a look and creating an issue.